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  • How fast can I get cabinets?
    Typically cabinets arrive to your home within 15-20 days.
  • What are your cabinet doors made of?
    Our painted doors have a solid wood frame with an MDF center panel. The MDF center panel won't expand and contract like solid wood does so you won't get any cracking or "haloing" of the center panel.
  • I had a cabinet arrive damaged. What do I do?
    Sorry to hear that but it happens. You can submit a warranty claim at right on the website under our Replacement Policy page.
  • Do you offer a kitchen design?
    The answer is no and here's why. We offer our cabinets at an acceptioanlly low price and to keep those prices low we keep it simple around here.
  • Do you install cabinets?
    Due to our cusotmers being all over the United States we do not offer installation at this time.
  • How are your cabinets made?
    Pop on over to our construction page and find out.
  • Can I ask design questions about my kitchen?
    Of course. You've got questions and we've got answers.
  • Where are your cabinets made?
    Right here in Phoenix, Arizona. As with all cabinetry. Parts come from all over. From quides and screws to veneers and wood. But ultimately built right in the USA.
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